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Your Brand Should Communicate Like A Hot Sword Slicing Through Soft Butter

We work with you to enhance your image and clarify your message. The result is lucid, focused communications embodied by strong design and smart functionality: because brand isn't just visual, it's the holistic experience. We collaborate with you to draw out your core narrative – the essence of your brand that expresses your unique positioning – and present it in the form (visual, written, & functional) that connects and resonates with your audience. Don't just decorate your message, hone it to a fine edge and cut to the chase.

Hexatrope works with clients to create web-centric marketing communications wrapped around strategic thinking that employ content management. Get in touch.

We use a 3 phase project process: Strategy, Creative, Execution.

Your website is the hub of brand communications. All else should radiate out from it.

Even if you don’t do “marketing”, you still do marketing. It’s about how you engage your audience.

Effective communications are focused by knowing brand essence and audience.


A Content Management System makes your site an articulate extension of your marketing aims. It enables content people (instead of tech people) to manage a site’s content, providing dynamic functionality like blogs, calendars, and a lot more.

We build with a highly-optimized Wordpress configuration.

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New-School Tools, Old-School Rules

Whatever new platforms and paradigms emerge, one thing is certain – you need to re-focus on the human needs of your audience to engage them effectively. This means returning to old-school wisdom on how communication works. Get the e-book

  • Hexatrope was able to do what we could not: give a fresh, outside perspective on our business niche; focus the strengths of our message; and show us how to reach our audience in a relevant way. It is like we went from black & white to color.
    Dave Cooper of Cooper Home Systems

Strategy-Driven Communications

Aesthetic design is always a given with brand presentation. But before we even think about what something should look like, the first step is to sort out what the core message is, and who the audience is, so we can connect the dots appropriately. That’s why strategy is always Phase 1.

Why Usability is Key to Value

Sure, your site may do what you want, but not how you want it to. Technology should be streamlined to make working with it easy, flexible, and enjoyable. It improves brand experience (on the public-facing site), in addition to publishing nimbleness (on the admin side of the site).

Serving Up Freedom & Power

It's our objecive to empower your marketing. So after we set you up, we give you the keys and show you how to drive. We use open tools, get you your own hosting, and include a 2-hour training call with each launch. Call us back because you want to, not because you have to.