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We're Cowboys Now -
Hexatrope in Texas

After much anticipation, Hexatrope has made the move to the Southwest, and we have relocated to the outskirts of the greater Dallas area. The 8 years spent nestled in quiet Frenchtown – halfway between New York and Philadelphia – were very good to us. Now, we look forward to the new adventure here in North Texas (If we’re lucky, it might involve spurs and six-shooters).

As usual, we will continue to work with clients from all over the country, and are thankful to continue relationships with all of our East Coast people while forging new ones here in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth for the non-locals). Please note that being in Dallas now puts us in the Central timezone, so adjust your timepieces accordingly.


As you can imagine, the cross-country move required some time and energy, so those of you keeping score at home might have noticed the blog falling behind on its editorial schedule. I’m happy to announce that our catalog of partially completed posts have been finished off and backfilled into the blog. Yes – purists might consider backfilling dates in the blog a cheat, but we wanted to make up for lost time, and give you a bonus for your patience. So hey, it’s your birthday! Mosey on over to the master blog page and check out the spread we’ve laid out – 6 new posts for your reading pleasure. There’s some great stuff in there.

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