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CME E-Quotes Motion Graphics

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the largest futures exchange in the country. When it came time to launch their new realtime electronic trading dashboard, they needed to be sure to make a splash. Potential users of this new offering needed to know that the CME brand they new and trusted was going to be faithfully extended with this new tool. Marketing objectives dictated that not only must users get a look under the hood, and clearly know that this was a powerful new solution from their trusted partner, but they needed to feel the vibe as well.

“Futures traders are an adrenalized bunch,” said CME marketing. “They need to get that this product is slick and cutting edge.”

It was necessary to not only mention the power and flexibility paired with realtime data right from the source… visitors needed to be given a presentation that took them inside and showed them how things worked, all while presenting an edgy, contemporary, and plugged-in brand.


CME E-Quotes Motion Graphics
CME E-Quotes Motion Graphics