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Organovo was making a strategic shift around its technology, preparing to focus on product. Their product? Living, architecturally correct, 3D printed human tissue.

The challenge was that there were plenty of also-ran competitors which described themselves as creating 3D printed human tissue, but Organovo was far ahead of them. We needed to differentiate strongly, so Hexatrope, in collaboration with Amy Mattix, focused on excavating the deep narrative which unpacked how Organovo's technology was so different. Our strategy process was quite involved, and exhaustively covered the full range of topics that would fill in a complete understanding for their technical audience. Combined with this, we were unfolding messaging built around rolling out their new living human tissue products, all the while carefully minding that we comply with industry regulations and not let the marketing get ahead of the science.

In the final site, we created a well-structured experience that spoke effectively to all audience segments: clients, partners, investors, and potential hires. The information architecture was critical, with messaging organized by area of focus, and key cross-pollinating calls-to-action sprinkled throughout. Content marketing was employed, and visitors were offered valuable informational downloads in exchange for a little contact data.

An event calendar system was also created to display upcoming events around the site, while tuning the specific events shown to the audience, based on the site section one was in. Visitors to the Investor section got investor-related events, visitors in the science sections, science-related events. A Media Coverage engine was also created to allow the display of collected mentions in the press, and an Employment system was built to showcase job openings.


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