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Ramabai Mukti Website

Ramabai Mukti Mission has been reaching out to the hurting and abandoned in India for over 100 years. They knew they needed to connect with a younger audience, and in doing so, really pull together their brand in a way that would be more appealing to this constituency. We had an existing logo, and a body of photography to be used for illustrating organizational specifics (like showing their students in classrooms), but the the new look was wide open to fresh approaches outside of these elements. We worked through our strategic discussion, sorting out their lead messaging as well as how to structure their overall site full of extensive information.

Hexatrope created a site architecture with content writing guide, and then crafted a look that captured the rich feel of life in India, along with the central message of kids being India’s future – and working with them being the best investment you can make.

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Ramabai Mukti Website