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Fox School of Business Website

Working in partnership with Philadelphia-area PR firm Cabin Communications, Hexatrope designed and built a proof-of-concept concept site in Drupal. The objective was to take what had been a traditional, printed newsletter being put out by the Fox Business School at Temple University – and rethink it into something that gave them a strong, commanding online presence. Printed newsletters had been going out for years, but it was unclear what kind of traction they were getting, and questions were raised as to whether audience engagement could be dramatically increased, and ongoing costs could be cut. The final demo site was very well received.

Main homepage link

Due to its nature as a demo piece, the majority of the links do not lead anywhere with the exception of:

The large “featured” image takes you to the main article.

…where you can click the inline photo gallery link and the inline blue box (chart)

and the 74' Mural link under “In This Issue” on the right.

…where you can click the inline video link


Fox School of Business Website
Fox School of Business Website