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Vineyard Missions Website

When it came time for the Vineyard association of churches to launch their international missions group, they knew they needed something that clicked with their message about the growth of the kingdom of God in over 50 nations. They also needed to be sure that right off the bat, visitors understood that this was not about the staid, formal, institutional missions work of yesteryear. They were on a budget, and needed to launch without having all of the content they’d eventually be ready to put in place. We worked together to create a solution that caught the vibe they were going for (the results were spot-on, as far as they were concerned), and expressed the key sensibilities they wanted to portray. Even when they decided to launch with a simple intro letter on the homepage, the overall site and experience was creating a memorable impression in everyone who came to see it. At launch, feedback was very positive – their audience really connected with it.


Vineyard Missions Website