Phase 02: Creative

The creative phase focuses on embodying the image & message objectives in the form of designs. The approach is focused on connecting with our various audience segments by pulling our prioritized talking points from the brand map created in Phase 01.

We explore and develop the graphical look & feel along with writing key messaging elements. The experience is crafted to convey the core ideas coming out of your brand positioning with both visuals and language.

It is at this stage where we introduce grid structure, layout, and other design components that will comprise the final design. We explore imagery as it pertains to branding, individual graphic elements, and typography. The result is tightly-crafted designs that show exactly what you will be getting. Content is written and inserted in key places to show real messaging, not just “copy goes here” spots.

Next, we do a web/phone walkthrough of the design options, and you pick which one you’d like to go with. This one can then be refined, and then we secure a signoff before moving on to Phase 03.

Next, we go to Phase 03: Execution.