Drupal Site Creation

Drupal is the premier open source content management system, used for government websites such as whitehouse.gov, and by organizations like Fast Company, Sony Music, and a number of Ivy League schools. See our writeup on Drupal here. Hexatrope has been building websites in Drupal since 2007 (Drupal version 5), with a focus on marketing and informational sites.

Of the big three open source CMSs, Hexatrope chose Drupal for a few key reasons:

  • Robust extensibility
  • Flexibility with design, data and functionality
  • Security

(You can see these points get unpacked in the Drupal writeup)

The Integrated Drupal Consulting Process

Because Hexatrope fluently speaks the patois of both design and Drupal, we don’t just Drupal our own sites, but are experienced in partnering with creative groups to Drupal their designs as well. Optimally, this means:

  • Working with you up front to ready your people with an understanding of Drupal capabilities you can pitch
  • Consulting with you during the design phase to help you maximize the final results
  • Building the site out to spec
  • A 2-hour phone/web training where a couple of key people from your client will be walked through the site management process, with a focus on their workflows (not just a litany of tools, but a real emphasis on how they will use the site)

Are you just getting into content managed sites? No problem, we are here to help. Are you looking to go beyond just blogs, and use a well-rounded general CMS (that also does blogs)?

Get in touch with us.