User Experience

Paying close attention to User Experience in the creation of your site is critical to getting the most out of it. On the front end, the experience people have on your site affects the impression they form of your overall brand. If your site is feels clumsy, confusing, or is broken, it is like someone coming into your office or showroom and finding things unwelcoming. The smoothness and user-friendliness of how your site functions sets the tone for how prospects expect doing business with you will be. Does it feel like you thought things through? Like you paid attention to details? Like you were putting yourself in their shoes and looking at what their needs were? These are powerful impressions to form. Experience is a critical part of brand communication.

On the flip side, if the administration of your website is a chore because the tools you use to manage your content were not set up with user experience in mind, then you will find that the process of site management is inefficient, awkward, and frustrating. This will translate to wasted time, admin frustration and missed opportunities due to the slowed/decreased use of the site as a marketing tool (content output for content marketing, revising and updating of messaging, and more).

Web sites are not created equal, and while the design and content are critical, if you leave out a consideration of user experience, you could be throwing a wrench in the works and dragging down your overall brand impression, as well as preventing yourself from using your site to its fullest potential. Of course, doing things right can take a little more work, but it is always a smart investment.