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Web-Centric Marketing Communications

Today’s marketing communications are web-centric. That is, your website is the hub of your communications, out of which all else should radiate. This is because your website provides (or should provide) the apparatus to most effectively unpack your brand value. On your website, you have the most control to present your brand’s look and feel, and to educate and enlighten in a structured manner, allowing your audience to self-direct through a body of knowledge into the subject matter and in the depth they choose, in the order they choose, and in a way that provides a well thought-out, logical progression.

As the communications hub, your website allows you to arbitrarily shape user experience according to how you want people to be able to engage – using custom-configured tools that let you provide information in flexible and intuitive formats and make sure that people get the tailor-fit experience that you want to represent your brand, instead of just a generic assemblage of bits that you are limited to in many external settings. The ability to make the fully-encompassing, custom experience that really showcases your brand is a key part of taking you out of commodity positioning and into the top tier of your space.

Because your site is the communications hub, everything from email to in-person interaction, to social media updates should be funneling people back to your central site:

  • Are you meeting someone at a networking event? Make sure they get your card with your site address on it.
  • Are you Tweeting/Facebooking/Google+ing,LinkedInning (this gets linguistically cumbersome, doesn’t it?)? Make sure you are employing content marketing, and peppering your updates with mentions of your blog posts, e-books, and any other means you are using to unpack your message (screencast? video? contest?).
  • Doing a presentation? Be sure your website address is included in the slides.
  • Your URL is included in your printed materials, right? Do you link out from your print materials to pages on the site to provide further information?