Phase 03: Execution

The execution phase is where everything really comes together. For websites, this is the juncture where many people may have experienced the “Some settling may occur in transit” effect, but not with the way we do it. Our blend of aesthetic and usability concerns along with technological know-how means that strategy and design move seamlessly into a buttery smooth final result. Project execution is driven by a designer/geek who obsessively makes sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

It’s here that (for websites) your CMS is deployed, and the designs created in Phase 02 are expertly formed into semantic, standards-compliant HTML markup and CSS. This is then integrated into the CMS at the “theme” layer and the proper systems are brought together and configured to get everything under the hood purring.

We get you set up with your own hosting account (direct with our preferred hosting provider, and not “tied” to us), and then set up a Git version control and deployment workflow to make sure everything interleaves beautifully between our local development environment and your new web server.

At completion, we finish things up with a 2 hour phone/web training in which two content managers from your company are walked through how to manage the site, with an emphasis on your workflows, and how you will specifically use the tools.