Marketing Communications

Any time you communicate with your audience, you are shaping their perception of your brand. Whether you are educating, persuading, or simply interacting, you need to view your communications as marketing, because they all work collectively to create an understanding in your audience’s mind about what kind of business you are operating. Your marketing communications need to follow a strategic, systematic approach to improve your image and clarify your message so that the people you communicate with can better understand the value you bring to the table.

Contemporary marketing communications are web-centric – that is, your website acts as the hub of all of your communication touchpoints. It is on your website where you can most effectively articulate your brand message, because you have the proper format and space to unpack everything in a structured, detailed manner. Other venues, from in-person meetings to social media channels provide settings to connect and dialogue, and ultimately drive people back to the hub. (more on the idea of web-centric communications)

In addition to the strategic approach, your marketing communications need to follow certain timeless principles that come out of how people think and communicate. We even wrote a short e-book about it called New-School Tools, Old-School Rules, which you can download for free.